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Functional testing technology

The Hanoun Evaluation and Rehabilitation (ER) System is state-of-the-science in assessment of physical capacities. No other functional system provides the custom capabilities in a technology-based format. The ease of performing tests, as well as custom report preparation, makes the system the leading product in the physical evaluation and rehabilitation industry. The ER provides the clinician with the ability to conduct many peer-reviewed protocols for the assessment of strength and work capacity. Furthermore, it enables the clinician to conduct customized tests to accurately represent job functions; in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Whether the issue is related to workers’ compensation, long-term disability insurance, impairment assessment or Social Security Disability Determinations, the ER will provide the most comprehensive form of evaluation.

UTM - Universal Task Master

The Universal TaskMaster (UTM) is a uniquely distinct feature of the ER System which enables the evaluator to set up different strength test positions with the ability to analyze the independent function of the left and right sides. The UTM replicates the physical demands of nearly any job with exact hand spreads, hand positioning, angle of push or pull, and is able to provide simultaneous measurement of independent left and right side forces.


FROM - Functional Range of Motion
    The Functional Range Of Motion (FROM) system is the only scientifically-researched positional tolerance and time-motion testing system of its kind. Now you can accurately match the positional tolerances of a worker to a production environment where performance on a time-motion basis is essential. The abilities of the tested worker are tied to the internationally recognized MTM standards in protocols that address the varying frequencies of work.


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