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Chicago, Illinois

May 13, 2004


Michael M. Best, MD has attained additional CERTIFICATION in The Evaluation of Disability and Impairment Rating by the American Academy of Disability Evaluating Physicians. Dr. Best is a member of the First Class of AADEP’s CEDIR advanced certification.


Dr. Best is additionally an original recipient of CERTIFICATION in the Interpretation of

Functional Abilities from the American Academy of Disability Evaluating Physicians. This certification is the FIRST of its kind with FCE’s. Many FCE protocols exist; some provide objective scientific data, some are invalid. Dr. Best is now certified to interpret these often-confusing reports.


Finally, Dr. Best has received, as a member of the First Class of Physicians, advanced CERTIFICATION by Stanley Bigos, MD in evidence-based disability evaluation. By the use of a stronger evidence pool and peer reviewed bibliography, all disability conclusions are standardized and supported. This Data Driven Daubert Defensible Certification Course stands alone in advanced expertise in Disability Medicine… CONGRATULATIONS !!


Michael M. Best MD has 24 years experience as a practicing Orthopedic Surgeon. He has extensive training in Hand and Spine Surgery. Dr. Best currently practices non-surgical Occupational Orthopedics. He is a Certified Fellow in Disability Evaluation.


Dr. Best and the Staff of the Assessment Centers look forward to the opportunity of serving your IME and FCE needs throughout Kentucky and Indiana. Our evaluation facilities are located in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky.




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