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At times, an Independent Medical Examination (IME) is necessary to address the various medical concerns of your client.  We provide an unbiased, expert assessment of your claimant’s diagnosis, status and treatment.  We understand the challenges you face in clarifying these issues associated with injuries and assist in case closure.

Our evaluations are truly “independent”.  We are not treating physicians.  Our opinions are evidence-based and supported by objective measurements of function provided by Functional Testing.

At The Assessment Centers we can assist you by:

bulletProviding comprehensive IME’s specifically addressing the specific issues of your injured individuals
bulletProviding state-of-the-art functional testing; objectively determining the retained capabilities of the injured claimant
bulletProviding within each report, evidence-based literature reviews of the specific disease-causing entities, causation and treatment requirements
bulletProviding clarification as to the specific diagnosis, causation and standard of care
bulletEvaluating maximal medical improvement, permanent impairment and restrictions to work activities
bulletProviding an assessment of the retained work capabilities and return-to-work analysis
bulletProviding an assessment of appropriateness of care
bulletOffering treatment and diagnostic recommendations
bulletOffering Permanent Impairment ratings via the 4th or 5th Edition AMA Guides

Dr. Michael M. Best is recognized as one of the leading experts in Disability Medicine within the State of Kentucky and Southern Indiana. 

Our Clients indicate:


…This report, along with the photographs which you exhibited in such a persuasive and probative manner, is one of the best IME reports I have ever received.  (And in 23 years, I have read a lot of IME reports !!)

                                                             -Benita J Riley, Riley & Allen, Attorneys


…That was a stunning history you received from Mr.__. We know there was a significant prior injury, but were not sure of the details…

                                                             -David A. Burch, Senior Claims Representative, Acordia



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